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Online survey of Innovation Laboratories conducted

Following the earlier web based study, the research group SeSaT at the University of Leipzig conducted an online survey on Innovation Laboratories existing worldwide. About 35 of the identified innovation laboratories participated in the survey by completing an online questionnaire. This equals to a response rate of about 15 percent. The questionnaire was structured around seven sections, each determining a different aspect about the innovation lab’s structure and functioning. The… Read More »

Proceedings of the ISSS in Leipzig

In September the first ROUTIS scientific event took place in cooperation with the “International Symposium on Service Science” (ISSS) in Leipzig. Researchers and practitioners alike joined in their effort to better understand the emergence of system services providers in complex value chains and service systems. The ISSS proceedings document some of their insights and wants to serve as reference for the advancing discussion. They include two contributions out of the… Read More »

Review to the ROUTIS session at ISSS in Leipzig

The first ROUTIS scientific event took place in cooperation with the „International Symposium on Service Science“ (ISSS) in Leipzig at the 24.09.2013. The inspiring keynote of Van Bo Le-Mentzel was the starting point. He illustrated the upcoming innovation models of crowd funding and crowd sourcing and the changing positing of customers in the value chain by presenting his own crowd funding project Karma Chakhs„. During the morning six further presentations… Read More »

ROUTIS in France

Current results of the project ROUTIS were presented at the RESER conference in Aix en Provence (19.-20.09.2013) to a scientific audience ( Two papers from the Leipzig University and Fraunhofer IAO are published in the proceedings of the well-known European conference on services: Thieme, Michael; Schletz, Alexander; Meyer, Lars-Peter; Meyer, Kyrill: System Services Providers – An explorative study on networked providers of complex services Gey, Ronny; Meyer, Lars Peter; Thieme,… Read More »

Survey on innovation laboratories started

The Department of Business Information Systems at the University of Leipzig is currently conducting a web-based survey on innovation laboratories as part of the project ROUTIS. The goal of this survey is to find out more about the innovation laboratories and their best practices. Innovation laboratories are encouraged to participate to improve and verify our knowledge about innovation laboratories. If your innovation laboratory did not already get an invitation, you… Read More »


For the fifth time, the „International Symposium on Services Science (ISSS)“ will offer a unique platform for advancing research and discussions in Service Science. We cordially invited researchers and practitioners alike to join our effort to sharpen the multidisciplinary view on services in different fields. The ISSS will be held as a part of the scientific program of the “Leipzig Days of Applied Informatics/Leipziger Tage der Angewandten Informatik” in Leipzig,… Read More »