Review to the ROUTIS session at ISSS in Leipzig

By | 28. September 2013

The first ROUTIS scientific event took place in cooperation with the „International Symposium on Service Science“ (ISSS) in Leipzig at the 24.09.2013. The inspiring keynote of Van Bo Le-Mentzel was the starting point. He illustrated the upcoming innovation models of crowd funding and crowd sourcing and the changing positing of customers in the value chain by presenting his own crowd funding project Karma Chakhs„. During the morning six further presentations concerning Service Engineering and simulation followed.

Presentations out of the ROUTIS project and it’s direct surroundings were held in the afternoon part of this event:

Niccola Saccani (University of Brescia, Italy), who is accompanying the project as international expert gave insights about status and barriers of the servitization process the italian production industry is facing currently with his presentation „Towards a maturity assessment of service business development by manufacturers“.

Sebastian Bräuer (University of Münster) presents with „Cooperation Experience – Perspectives for extending Conceptual Modeling“ joint project which aims to improve the information flows in complex building project by using generalized reference processes and semantic wikis.

Michael Fellmann’s (University of Osnabrück) presentation „One Minute – One Million: Towards Building Blocks for Mobile TCS Support Systems forstering Empowerment and Productivity“ was about a media-wiki-solution which enables an improved planing and management of business processes.

Boris Ansorge (fir/RWTH Aachen) showed the path towards an integrated development of interdepend value-delivery-systems with his presenation „Framework for the Transformation from Manufacturing and Production to Services“

Walter Ganz (Fraunhofer IAO), Stuttgart) presented the approach and current results of the project ROUTIS „On the way towards a ServCAD system“. Key aspect was the intended development of a CAD system for services within the ROUTIS project.

Kyrill Meyer (University of Leipzig) outlined in his presentation „From Service Engineering towards a round-trip engineering for complex service systems“ the basic aspects of an iterative innovation model which will be developed in ROUTIS also.

The session was completed by a panel session moderated by Walter Ganz (Fraunhofer IAO) with Prof. Fähnrich (University of Leipzig), Ewald Heinen (itb, Karlsruhe) und Niccola Saccani (University of Brescia). Upcoming challenges on the way towards a CAD-system for services and opportunities how SME could benefit from new tools and methods in the area of service development and management were discussed.